im your average teenage cliche
hw: 145 • cw: too high • gw: not so weak

1 liter of water, holy shneit
Aw someone called me pretty today and it me smile so big.
Every excuse I make for skipping a workout or eating junk food is just holding me back from finally accomplishing my goals and becoming the person I want to be. No more excuses. Time to woman up and finally be the person I’m supposed to be. A strong, confident woman with a body I feel proud of!

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other fitblrs: ate like 120 grams of protein today!
me: I had an egg
other fitblrs: went on a 20 mile run!
me: wait what
other fitblrs: had three pounds of veggies!
me: I only own about 2 vegetables
other fitblrs: and hey look at this insanely long post of all these exercises I did today, earning 10,000 fitocracy points!
me: curls into a ball
other fitblrs: oh and I also lost two pounds and have a six pack now
me: cries
me: *distracts you with cute baby picture*